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Most rivers in Wales, which flow into the Irish Sea, receive a run of sea trout. Amongst the most famous of these rivers are the Teifi, Towy, Dyfi, Conway and Mawddach. There are also many productive smaller streams such as Nevern, Seiont, Dwyfawr, Ystwyth, Rheidol, Aeron and the Cleddau to name just a few.

The once barely fishable, polluted South Wales streams, have made a good recovery in recent times and some of these such as the Taf, Neath and Ogmore now provide great fishing.

Access is readily available for the holiday angler to both club waters and private waters on all these beautiful rivers and guiding and tuition can be organised if required to ensure a very enjoyable outing.

If your passion is sport fishing then you're not going to find any better angling than in Wales.

The plethora of rivers and lakes makes it harder to actually find a place to fish than it is to catch the fish themselves. You're in the right place when you visit Wales for sport fishing.

The outstanding rivers of Wales are credited with more than fifty percent of the sea trout which are caught each year in England and Wales. In combination with the spectacular scenery the vast number of large sea trout caught each year in those rivers and lakes and makes Wales a wonderful place for fishing.

The brown trout of Wales are more than abundant, regardless of whether you fish the more famous rivers or the quiet little brooks. The lowland lakes are no less stunning, while the highland lakes are best termed majestic, but regardless of where you go, the overall effect is the same. You will be challenged by some of the best fishing opportunities to be found in the world. It will take all of your skill and knowledge to reel in the big ones, making this a breath taking experience.

The scenery of Wales will truly take your breath away. That together with the fishing means you'll be wishing you had several more weeks to explore hills and valleys of Wales.

The grayling fishing has always been high quality, and your choice of rivers for this fish is expanding. Many rivers are gaining a reputation for the top notch grayling caught.

One thing is for sure. Once you've fished Wales, you take home memories to last a lifetime and you'll want to return again and again.

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David Thomas fishing guide on the River Towy

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