Fishing in Wales

Fishing here is like stepping back in time to a bygone era and no doubt it is an experience all fishermen would relish. Even nowadays fish between 20-30 pounds are not unheard of although 8-10 pounds is more the norm.

Welsh rivers account for more than half the sea trout caught in England and Wales, couple this with the number of large sea trout caught every year and the availability of fishing, it makes for a very special destination.  Whether you fish the rivers or streams or in the sea, the challenge for the angler is the same, he/she must use all their skill to land the catch.

Under the tuition of expert fishing guides and conservationists there are great opportunities to learn how to fish rivers and the sea for wild trout, grayling, sea trout, wrasse, bass and mullet, Pollack, bass, flatfish, tope and of course, salmon.   Wales has such a wealth of stunning rivers and lakes that choosing where to fish is often more difficult than catching the fish.

Fishing is now contributing £69 million a year to the Welsh economy. Funded by a partnerships of the WTB, Welsh European Funding Office and Welsh Assembly Government, the Fishing Wales Project has been established to develop and promote Welsh fisheries, linking job creation and prosperity with a good river environment.

The Wales Tourist Board and Environment Agency Wales have been co-operating to tackle the task of developing and marketing fishing in Wales in order to increase prosperity and employment, particularly in rural areas.

Carwyn Jones, Minister for Countryside, Environment and Planning said, “I am delighted by these results.  Soon after its inception the Welsh Assembly recognised the great value of angling both socially and economically."

Well managed fishing is an environmentally sustainable form of tourism from which all areas of Wales can benefit. It can help extend the traditional visitor season and improve the income generated by restaurants, cafes, pubs, shops, hotels, guest houses and other businesses, not to mention the fishery owners themselves, whether they are private farmers, fishery managers or community angling clubs.

Jonathan Jones, Chief Executive of the Wales Tourist Board commented "Marketing is now getting the message across that fishing in Wales is better than anywhere in the UK and is helping to change the image of fishing in Wales.  In doing so, it is creating jobs and prosperity necessary particularly in rural areas."

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