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When the nights turn to chill and the frost and a spattering of snow hit you in the face as you walk out the door you know its steelhead season in Pennsylvania.

Steelhead Trout, or Steelhead salmon as they are more correctly named bring a wave of excitement all over Pennsylvania. They are remarkably strong and give a great fight, and a superb meal once you land them.

Steelhead Salmon Fishing in Pennsylvania
Steelhead Salmon fishing

The Steelhead can see your reel screaming and push even the best made rod to the ultimate degree. Steelhead in Elk and Walnut Creek are fished for avidly with fly rod or spin fishing. You’re definitely going to need a sturdy rod, particularly when fishing Elk or Walnut. The 8-10 foot spinning rod or a Canadian type drift rod at about 12 feet will work for you best.

I tend to not use this one as the center pin reel can wipe out your wallet in a hurry although there are a few cheaper ones out there. A decent well built custom rod will also serve you well when going after these little fighters. You can catch just as many with a decent spinning reel that has a front drag and about 150 yards of decent weight test. Under 8 pounds you might as well stay home. Using shiners, minnows or salmon eggs will usually work for you. I’ve seen literally hundreds of steelhead going home a day using these for bait.

Elk Creek is about the biggest and best of the Creeks in Northwestern Pa and I like it well enough but you catch more fish in Walnut Creek. Still if you lean toward Walnut Creek area, tend to have to argue with the weekend warriors if you choose a Saturday. Walnut Creek is a little busier with both people and fish and if you dont’ mind competition, you can catch some nice fish there.

It’s about the second best in Pa. Steelhead fishing is among the most unique and exciting ways to spend a day in the cold in Pennsylvania. Your fish will always come in over ten pounds and make a mouthwatering meal for you.

The fight they give you is just unparalleled and you’re going to go home tired if you catch your limit. Once you get bitten by the steelhead bug, you’re never going to be the same again.

Courtesy of Steve Phelps - Member of The Custom Rod Builders Guild