Fishing Methods

Davd Thomas on the TeifiCenarth FallsNice fish from the TeifiDavid Thomas with catchRiver Teifi fishDavid Thomas fishing guide with salmon

With 40 years experience fishing in the rivers of West Wales, these are my favoiurite methods for catching the wily fish that swim in these waters.

Spinning for Trout & Salmon

It’s not just a "chuck and chance" thing, spinning for trout or slamon is a method for catching fish that requires skill. For sea trout we need a delicate approach and light tackle to get the lures underneath the tree canopy where the sea trout will be lurkng. Lures can vary from “Rapala”, “Flying c” to the deadly “Quill”

Worming for Trout & Salmon

Although sea trout and salmon do not feed in fresh water, you still need skill to catch these fish using the worming method. For sea trout, we use light tackle, small hooks and one or two worms. For salmon, the lob worm is king (also known as the common earthworm, it is Britain's largest earthworm). We also use brandlings (the worms with yellowish bands on their bodies) and a bunch of them, when used properly, can excite any salmon.

Fly Fishing for Sea Trout & Salmon

Fly fishing for sea trout at night must be one of the most exciting experiences there is. During the hours until midnight when the fish are active, we fish with floater or intermediate. After midnight we have to use tactics to get down to the fish, sink tip lines and fast sinkers are the order of the day (or rather, night!). The choice of flies is important but the presentation has to be perfect.

Fly fishing for salmon tactics vary from that used with sea trout, in that we need heavier tackle in normal water and a single-handed rod will suffice but in heavier water, especially in the autumn, a double-handed rod will be required.

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