As a fishing guide, people look to me as a reliable authority for where and how to fish. A fishing guide's job is, after all, to show people the best spots, the best techniques and the best use of their equipment and bait - types of flies, spinners or worms - for a particular part of the river or stream. The love of the sport has lead me to gaining 40 years' worth of knowledge about just those things - where to go and what techniques work best.

Regardless of which river you fish in Wales, the overall effect is the same, you will be challenged by some of the best fishing opportunities to be found in the world. It will take all of your skill and knowledge to reel in the big ones, making this an experience not to be missed. Plus, the scenery of Wales will truly take your breath away. That, together with the fishing, means you'll be wishing you had many more weeks to explore the hills and valleys, rivers and lakes of Wales.

If your passion is angling, then Wales is the best place for you and, as your Ghillie, I'll guide you to the best spots to fish for salmon, brown trout, sea trout and others. And, whether we catch anything or not, together we'll have some wonderful days of fishing!

Here are several packages I offer for your fishing pleasure:

Packages are by the session which can last from 5 to 8 hours depending on season and time of day or night.

Sessions with David Thomas as your guide:.

One Day £80

Two Days £150

Three Days £220

Hire of Rod & Reel £15 per set, per day

Fishing always requires a licence from the Environment Agency for coarse and non-migratory trout fishing. Other licences and permits may be required by local by-laws. Having the relevant permits and licences are the responsibility of the fisherman and are in addition to each of the packages offered.

If your passion is fishing, you won't experience any better angling than you'll find in Wales.

David Thomas tuition on the River Towy


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Please Note: Sessions do not include the cost of any permits or licences.